Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Coolest Science of 2013, in GIFs

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  1. Just rushed here to your blog after copying a great French artist at work. I think you'll enjoy this:
    Now I'll read your post . . .

    1. I would go with the Winegard RV-WING Wingman White UHF Booster TV Antenna. I followed the link to French artist and found spooning dog-cat videos??

    2. I loved that spooning dog and cat. My rescue kitty, Eleanor, is just beginning to take an interest in Lacy, my poodle. 'm hoping they'll someday be friends like the two in the video.
      Years ago I had a gray cheeked parakeet from Brazil that liked to sit on my Golden Retriever's head. Annie, the dog, would walk around with Sophie, the bird, just sitting there!
      Thanks for the advice on the UHF Booster antenna.

  2. Went through the videos - fascinating stuff. My particular favorite: wringing a wash cloth in space.

  3. On another note: Can you give me any help with choosing the Wineguard Wingman?