Monday, December 30, 2013

The 52 Most Breathtaking Photos From Around The World This Year

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  1. I couldn't possibly choose one Favorite of the 52 Breathtaking Photos; fantastic. However, #25 was taken in Srinagar, Kashmir, which was prominently described in the novel I just finished, "The Kashmir Shawl" by Rosie Thomas. I mention it because, although it's historical fiction by an author I'd not read before, I'm enthralled with her descriptive abilities. I've not visited Kashmir but have India; her prose took me back and allowed me to actually feel, hear and smell the words.
    On another subject, I watched "Babette's Feast" last evening, even after having seen "The Wolf of Wall Street" in the theater in the afternoon. I'm happy I bought Babette because I will watch it again, a wonderful film. Thank you for suggesting it.

    1. I'll check out that title. I'm a big fan of historical fiction. Go to iTunes and search Babette's Feast and you'll find the lecture about Babette's Feast from Notre Dame Open Courseware. It's Phil 20214. It's a very interesting lecture,
      "Ancient Wisdom and Modern Love."

  2. Will do. I also just paid for the Season 4 of Downton Abbey. I'm working on my TV reception but it's not up and running for any useable programs, yet. And, as for regular TV - NOT GOING THERE! It's not worth my time!

  3. I have Dish Network at home so last year I bought a portable satellite dish from Camping world and took my home receiver with me on the road. Now I have the exact same TV service when I'm on the road. I watch mostly PBS and an occasional golf match. The cable TV at RV parks are hit and miss as are local over the air stations.