Tuesday, December 24, 2013

African Safari Part #2 - Reminiscing

A Typical Camp site

These are our tents

This is our typical campsite. We basically had the same layout at each animal park. We had three Kenyan gentlemen who did the cooking and other chores. All the cooking was done on a large campfire. We had a porta potty arrangement as a toilet. Fortunately we were able to visit a fancy resort each day where we were able to take showers and often swim in their pool.
We went out twice a day in mini-vans to view the wild animals. I haven't included animals photos because we all know what these animals look like.

We were able to meet and photograph different native people (with their permission). 

Samburu woman

Group of Samburu people

Masai warriors

Group of Masai women

Masai woman

Several of our group ready for the hot air ballon

Picnic after the ballon ride

Shaving by the light of a lantern 

(to be continued)


  1. Beautiful photos, Roger. Did you have an opportunity to 'talk' and / or 'learn' about the Samburu and Masai - cultures, food, traditions, etc?

    1. Unfortunately we had very little time to spend with the local people. We were able to go inside their (in many cases) very simple and humble huts.

  2. I remember those tents! We used similar tents when I was a kid and we camped at Big Basis State Park and Yosemite. I remember my dad swearing as he tried to get them set up - he hardly ever swore, so I figured they were really hard to erect. :)

    1. I have vague memories of Big Basin. I think my parents had a friend who was a Ranger there.

  3. Are you both referring to Big Basin in the Santa Cruz mountains. I used to go there often when I was quite young. I remember the round swimming pool/hole.