Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chorrillana at Bar Victoria

One of Chile's famous culinary dishes is called Chorilliana. It's prepared in a variety of ways but it basically consists of a plate of french fries, covered with strips of beef, slices of sausage, fried onions, and topped with a fried egg or two. Three of us just managed to eat one chorrillana grande.
The chorilliana is best with a large glass of beer. In our case, it was Austral Calafate Ale. This beer is made in Patagonia by Austral Brewing which has been in business since 1896. Austral Calafate is especially interesting because it's combined with an exotic fruit to give it an interesting aroma and taste in addition to having an intense amber color. The fruit is the calafate berry which looks much like a blueberry. It's scientific name is Berberis heterophylla.

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  1. OMG, that dish! I'd probably like it without the french fries and the eggs on the side. Good thing you split it between three people! The beer looks good. :)