Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dolphins Guide Scientists to Rescue Suicidal Girl

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  1. Another incredible account of wonderful dolphins. Were they trying to save the girl? I don't know; but it certainly seems that there had to be some thought process going on where the dolphin(s) in some way 'understood' that that particular human being might need help from other human beings!?
    Years ago I 'lived' on a boat for a time, in the waters around the Galapagos Islands. On the first night, I had a little trouble getting to sleep and sat with the captain of the boat as others slept. I asked him (without sharing a language with him) if we'd ever see dolphins. He looked at his watch and replied, "Cinco minutos." I checked the time on my watch - and exactly five minutes later, two dolphins jumped out of the water on each side of the boat! They stayed with us for about 30 minutes, even coming up right to the side of the boat - I could have touched them. I have no idea how the captain 'called' them, but it certainly seemed to me that there had to be some kind of communication going on between them. I'll never forget the thrill of that magic experience.